Sippin’ Spirits

Sippin' Spirits

A Spiritual Adventure

Explore the diverse offerings of the South Okanagan beyond its renowned wineries. Embark on a journey to discover the distinctive distilleries nestled across the hills, unveiling the concealed treasures of exquisite spirits waiting to be savored in the heart of the South Okanagan region.


Get absolutely stunning pictures from start to finish. Take your camera or add our photography package for the best candid group pictures.

In the know

Gain some knowledge on the area you adventure into as the guide answers all of your questions.

Professional Guide

With years of experience, our guides will show you the safest routes and the funnest times! Have a great time enjoying the great outdoors and fresh air with guides you can trust.


Never worry about getting around when you have a personal shuttle to take you there and back.

Tour Pricing

2 Hour Tour
2 People +
  • 2 Venues
  • Hotel Shuttle
  • Sightseeing
4 Hour Tour
3 People +
  • Up to 4 venues
  • Hotel Shuttle
  • Sightseeing

from $75

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We will gladly accept online payment in the methods below, as well as cash in person. For cash payments, a deposits will need to be made during time of booking.

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